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Providing creative marketing services for companies and providing media education for youth.


The Company Morph Media Square is derived from efforts of a Grand Rapids based collective that was started in 2015 called Connect 2 Cultivate. The intent was initially to create a network of support and collaboration among fellow Grand Rapids based creators and entrepreneurs, while providing opportunities to invest in and teach youth. This company builds on the intent of Connect 2 Cultivate with the intent of "providing creative marketing services for companies and providing media education for youth." 


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The Class Objective

Morph Media Square courses are structured to offer classes that focus on providing students with a well rounded understanding of pre-production, production, and post-production. Incorporated in the class are opportunities for the students to learn about media, graphic design, audio, and more. The classes highlight the importance of diversity, impact, and leadership.

The Class Outcomes

During the class students are able to create final projects using the skills they have learned to highlight the organization, bring awareness to a social justice topic, or express their individual creativity. Below are some examples of projects created by youth that we have worked with.

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Marketing Services

Our experience shows that there is significant need within West Michigan for organizational brand development, web development and multi-media marketing support. Morph Media Square values having timely and responsive services that meet the creative needs of companies. Many businesses have relied on methods of marketing such as word of mouth, mailing, emailing, and calling. Morph Media Square recognizes the importance of maximizing online and digital presence. Our service helps companies achieve their desired goals primarily through online promotion, event based marketing, and customer retention. As companies adjust to these new marketing strategies our company is prepared and has the skills to help them achieve longevity.

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Sponsor a Class TODAY

Register your organization for flexible weekly media classes focused on teaching your youth video production and more, with emphasis on diversity, leadership, and impact. 
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